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We offer services for all of your plumbing needs. Our commercial and residential plumbing division has a reputation of quoting jobs accurately and fixing a wide range of plumbing problems quickly and efficiently. We are experts at bidding jobs that are large or small. We provide free estimates on remodels and new construction on any plumbing project you may have. We are licensed and bonded to handle large jobs that many small companies may not be able to handle. Our commitment to excellent service and our superior knowledge in the plumbing industry will shine and we will fix the problem.


When sewer line problems arise, the last thing you want to do is to wait around and let it get worse. Call R.E. Plumbing right away it could be the best decision you will make when it comes to sewer repair and replacement. While sewer repair and replacement can become costly, problems such as leaks and clogs will not just disappear on their own. In fact, issues like these will just keep getting worse as time passes. Put your stress and problems quickly in the past and call The R.E. Plumbing for a professional analysis for sewer repair and replacement.


Main sewer lines run underground and can run under yards, driveways, garages, sidewalks, patio’s, and landscaping. If sewer repairs or replacement is needed, the professionals at the clean plumbers may only have to work a section of the main sewer line or the entire sewer line. Because of these possibilities the project can become a major expense. Your peace of mind in making an informed decision is as important to us as it surely is to you and your family. Because of this we will do a complete analytical inspection including a main sewer line video camera inspection to determine the cause of damage and the complexity of the project, and repair or replacement options available.

Roots Clogs

Tree roots are usually the most common problem associated with sewer lines. Roots typically penetrate clay pipes in multiple places; not just one. Once inside the pipes, roots continue to grow and expand the pipe until it blocks or even breaks the pipe. Once pipes are blocked, this makes chemical treatment of roots extremely difficult as the treatment needs to be able to completely flow through the pipe in order to be effective. If roots have invested a pipe over the course of time, an entire sewer line may need to be replaced.

Bellied Piping Clogs

A bellied pipe or a “sag” occurs when part of the pipe slopes downward creating the “belly”. It is usually caused by loose soil around the pipe that breaks up and causes the pipe to slump. When waste water flows through the belly, some gets left behind. This process continues as more waste water and solids begin to accumulate in that portion of the piping. Overtime, the stagnant water and solids create a clog that blocks the flow of the pipe.

Let Us Help Clear Your Clogged Sewer

R.E. Plumbing can diagnose the problem and allow the customer to see what and where the problem lies. We are trained professionals when it comes to sewer lines. As a result, they pinpoint the problem so that it is more affordable to fix, by either making only necessary repairs or several solutions for whole sewer line replacement. There is no pressure, no scare tactics, just simple up front solutions with up front prices to fit any budget.

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Sump Pump

What is a sump pump? A sump pump is a small pump used to extract water for the lowest areas of your home. Generally, they are placed in basements or crawlways to help prevent flooding. Most times a sump pump is installed in what is called a sump pit. This is a customized pit specifically made for sump pumps.

A sump pump works by being activated when water makes a float device rise. Once the unit is activated, it then pumps the water out of the sump pit through pipes and away from your home. The pipes have a one-way valve to ensure water flows out and not back in.

How to Test Your Sump Pump

Before scheduling sump pump services, it's a good idea to test that your sump pump is working as it should. Regularly checking its function can help you avoid basement flooding due to a broken pump or malfunctioning equipment.

A properly working sump pump can offer homeowners unmatched peace of mind when it comes to keeping your basement water-free. If your pump isn't working as it should, or you'd like to have a new one installed, you can rely on R.E. Plumbing. We base our prices on the total cost of the job, not the time it takes to complete it. This allows us to offer you upfront pricing in writing before we begin any work—when you hire us, the quote you're given is the price you'll pay. Additionally, we offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, including both parts and labor warranties so you never have to worry about the quality of our services.

Let R.E. Plumbing be your number one choice for all of your Sump Pump system needs. From Sump Pump installation, to repair, replacement, please call: (866) 502-8825

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