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Leave your commercial plumbing issues to us! We are confident we can give you the service and support you would need by using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to diagnose and solve your problems. You can trust that we get the job done right the first time. Our trucks are loaded with all the tools and equipment we need to get straight to work as soon as we get to your business.

We provide free estimates on remodels and new construction on any plumbing project you may have. We are also licensed and bonded to handle large jobs that many small companies may not be able to handle. Our commitment to excellent service and our superior knowledge in the plumbing industry will shine and we will fix the problem.

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Services We Offer

Leak Detection

We provides affordable answers and solutions to homeowners, business owners and property managers, who suspect that they have water intrusion or water leak problems in the hidden areas of their property.

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Drain Clearing

One of the main benefits of regular drain cleanings is that it can help reduce the number of blockages, clogs, and other plumbing problems. As drain cleaning professionals, we will unclog or repair your drains whenever it is needed, at all hours.

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Are the fixtures at your bussiness outdated or just not working efficiently? Installing new fixtures in your home is an easy way to update its appearance, whether you are going for a more modern or traditional look for yourself.

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Toilet Repair

Many issues can go wrong with toilets. When the toilet breaks or stops working, the results can get messy, expensive and frustrating. You might have a malfunctioning valve, a worn water seal or a broken backflow device.

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Water Heater Installation

If your water heater goes out in the middle of the night, when all hardware stores are closed or in the middle of the morning, don’t worry give us a call we can have a new water heater installed the same night.

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Shower and Tub Installation and Repair

Bathrooms are busy areas. And, when you need to make repairs or upgrades, there are a lot of options. Maybe you want to upgrade your bathroom but the budget is a factor.

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Garbage disposal repair And installation

Whether you garbage disposal needs to be replaced, repaired, or simply cleaned, R.E. Plumbing is happy to do the work for you.

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Sink Replacement and Installation

Nothing is worse than having plumbing issues. Plumbing problems from leaky toilets to issues with your kitchen or bathroom sink can quickly become a major nuisance, even leading to property damage.

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Sewage And Sump Pumps

When sewer line problems arise, the last thing you want to do is to wait around and let it get worse. Sump pump is a small pump used to extract water for the lowest areas of your home.

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Pressure Regulator

The water pressure regulator is a valve that is responsible for turning off the flow of water when it gets to a certain level of pressure. It is important that this device is maintained because if it stops working properly, it can lead to major problems with your water lines.

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Backflow Preventer

Backflow preventers can be classified based on physical construction, application or type of installation. The main types of backflow prevention assemblies are listed in the page each type has a dedicated standard from the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE).

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Repiping Services

Have you experienced water leaks or maybe you own an older home with original plumbing? It may be time to re-pipe your home with new plumbing. There are several things to consider when deciding to re-pipe your home.

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Irrigation and Sprinkler

Our sprinkler technicians are licensed, highly trained specialists capable of diagnosing and repairing every component of your sprinkler system. If you have noticed your water pressure is higher than usual, you may have a malfunctioning pressure regulator.

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Water Filtration Systems

We provided new installations on whole house filtration systems for both residential and commercial properties. A water filtration system takes out the guesswork and filters the bacteria and impurities out of your water.

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Recirculating Pump

If you’re like most people, hot water can’t get to your faucets, showers, and tubs quick enough; it’s a daily process of waiting for your hot water to arrive. We repair all hot water recirculation pumps makes and models.

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Plumbing Inspection and Maintenance

We offer services for all of your plumbing needs. Our commercial and residential plumbing division has a reputation of quoting jobs accurately and fixing a wide range of plumbing problems quickly and efficiently.

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Urinal Services

We provided urinals and other commercial fixtures from most manufacturers in the plumbing industry. If you have any issues, such as odd noises, difference in flushing or a complication in the pipes.

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Gas Line Installation and Repair

Defective gas lines are a serious issue that can affect your home’s condition and family’s health. Keeping your gas lines well maintained is crucial in preventing any damage to your home appliances and landscaping.

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