Commercial and Residential Plumbing Inspection and Maintenance

We offer services for all of your plumbing needs. Our commercial and residential plumbing division has a reputation of quoting jobs accurately and fixing a wide range of plumbing problems quickly and efficiently. We are experts at bidding jobs that are large or small. We provide free estimates on remodels and new construction on any plumbing project you may have. We are licensed and bonded to handle large jobs that many small companies may not be able to handle. Our commitment to excellent service and our superior knowledge in the plumbing industry will shine and we will fix the problem.

The Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance Service?

Everything needs maintenance over time, plumbing is no different. And, like a car getting its oil changed, your home needs its plumbing inspected and cleaned on a once-a-year basis. Homeowners who neglect this maintenance can expect leaks, clogs, rising water costs and a spike in water heating costs. They also run the risk of needing an emergency plumbing repair when something goes wrong. Don’t let this happen to you. Get an annual home plumbing maintenance plan from your local R.E. Plumber and put your mind at ease.

Plumbing Services Offered

Our plumbers can handle any size plumbing job no matter how big or how small. Our plumbers are professional, courteous, and have passed background checks. Before we begin a job, we will provide a free quote on the scope of work that needs to be done. If you approve the estimate, we can usually begin work that day.

  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning
  • Main Water Lines
  • Faucets – Repair & Replacement
  • Water Heaters – Repair & Replacement
  • Toilets – Repair & Replacement
  • Leak Detection Services

  • Garbage Disposal – Repair & Replacement
  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Septic Tank Conversions to City Sewer Lines
  • Broken Sewer Line Repairs or Replacement
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Video Camera Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Water Leaks: Leaks usually develop because of corrosion that attacks the interior of the pipe, usually at the joints. Before you develop a leak, we can find and correct damaged sections of pipe.

Pipe Noise: Our service techs can often diagnose potential problems just from the sounds coming from the fixtures, appliances or the pipe itself.

Substandard Water Pressure: We’ll test your water pressure to see if it’s set properly for your plumbing system. Water pressure issues are often indicative of bigger problems.

Burst Pipe: Don’t take a chance on a pipe bursting during one of our rare freezes. We can winterize your piping to protect against weather-related bursts and breaches. Water Accumulation: We look for wet or warm spots on your carpets and floors that indicate a leak is somewhere in the immediate vicinity.

Your plumbing network is durable but fickle, and regular maintenance can help keep it operating reliably while providing a number of important benefits:

Keep Your Household Running Smoothly: An abundant supply of fresh and hot water is usually taken for granted until there’s a problem of some sort. Our technicians test and inspect your fixtures and piping to ensure your plumbing and sewer systems continue to work properly. Overflowing toilets, backed-up drains and frozen pipes can be avoided with a preventative maintenance program.

Save Money: Our technicians look for minor leaks and clogs that wastewater and drive your utility costs higher. Hidden leaks are located and repaired, which maximizes the efficiency of the flow and prevents potential structural damage.

Emergency Service: We provide 24-hour emergency service to all customers with an active maintenance contract.

Many homeowners tend to overlook the plumbing in their homes or bussinesses without realizing that it is at a daily source in their lives. This includes drinking the water, washing, removal of waste from households and baths. Keeping up with the plumbing in your home or bussiness is very important, and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Plumbing consists of a wide variety of applications including, water and gas lines, fixtures, ventilation, storage tanks, and sanitation. If you are having any plumbing problem, immediate attention should be paid to ensure that the problem does not persist or worsen with time.

Preventative maintenance is the best investment you can make to keep your plumbing system operating at peak performance. If you would like to learn more about our plumbing maintenance plan details, call one of our friendly customer service representatives today.

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What Does a Plumbing Inspection Involve?

A plumbing inspection is an examination of the plumbing infrastructure and appliances in a home conducted by a licensed Los Angeles professional Plumber. An inspection typically covers fixtures, pipes, waterlines, indoor and outdoor drainage, and waste and vent systems. Our plumber will perform a complete inspection and if needed inspect manholes, pipelines, duct-work and other channels to determine their condition with the use of state-of-the art equipment and methods, we can help you save time and money by identifying any trouble spots that may require cleaning or repair taking the guess work out of it.

When Do I Need a Plumbing Inspection?

It is recommended that you have your plumbing inspection every 5 years and receive preventive maintenance as soon as you purchase a home or are negotiating the sale of a home with a realtor/real estate agent. Homes with septic systems should be inspected more often and pumped at least once every 3-4 years.

Faulty plumbing can be costly, so insisting on an inspection of the plumbing can save you thousands of dollars, especially if a house is listed "as is" at the time of sale. A plumbing inspection will save you from unforeseen pipe burst, leaks, and problems with roots in the sewer lines.

What To Expect

A quality home plumbing inspection will include checks anywhere water runs through your house. This includes sinks, toilets, tubs, lines, and pipes. Underneath and outside of your house, our plumbers will check both pipes and hydrants for leaks, as well as check for proper support to ensure anti-freeze protection.<./p>

Toilets and water heaters get an additional inspection. Toilets will have their water levels, flappers, and filler mechanisms checked. Water heaters will receive water temperature checks and have pressure relief valves and pipes tested before being flushed.

I’m buying a new home. Do I need an inspection?

It’s always a good idea to have an initial checkup and then a full inspection prior to settlement. If you did not have an inspection then after the first year or two to look for wear and tear, should you suspect a problem arrange for a plumbing inspection. Problems discovered early will most likely save you money.

It pays to have a plan for your home’s most critical systems, and R.E. Plumbing Home Maintenance Plans are the best in San Bernardino. For as little as $99 a year, you can receive annual inspections on your plumbing, gas and electrical systems.

Let R.E. Plumbing be your number one choice for all of your home and bussiness plumbing maintenance and inspections. From installation, to repair, replacement, Please call: (866) 502-8825

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