Commercial and Residential Pressure Regulator

Unfortunately if gas or water pressure regulator is not working properly, you could be looking at a great deal of wear and tear on your water and gas-powered appliances. The water pressure regulator is a valve that is responsible for turning off the flow of water when it gets to a certain level of pressure.

Pressure and Regulator Services

It is important that this device is maintained because if it stops working properly, it can lead to major problems with your water lines. If you have noticed water coming out of your water heater valve, it could be a sign that your water pressure regulator needs to be replaced.

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The Importance of Water Pressure Regulators

Water pressure regulators are considered safety devices rather than luxury ones. If you do not have a working water pressure regulator in place, it can lead to the water pressure getting too high and damaging your fixtures. It can also cause the water pressure to get too low, which could render your taps/faucets useless or your showering experience uncomfortable or ineffective.

While you may be tempted to try a do it yourself solution and replace or fix your regulator yourself, this can cause serious damage to your plumbing system. All water pressure regulator services should be handled by an experienced professional.

At R.E. Plumbing, our professional and courteous technicians have been trained in all the latest techniques for installing, adjusting and repairing pressure regulators for either your gas or water systems. One quick call and we will have a technician out to your home to evaluate the condition of your pressure regulators and to advise you on any repairs or replacements that we see as being necessary.

If you have noticed your water pressure is higher than usual, you may have a malfunctioning pressure regulator. R.E. Plumbing can help by testing your water pressure and inspecting your system to see exactly what is happening. We are the best water pressure regulator installation and repair company and we want to do whatever we can to help you avoid leaks and damage to your pipes. please call: (866) 502-8825

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